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    PART - I 1. Introduction Due to the vested interests of Regional & Extra Regional Powers and upto some extent, owing to sectarianism, Terrorists’ Activities of varying nature and dimensions have been witnessed in various parts of the country. Although Operation Zarb-e-Azb has been successful to...
    As China continues its multifaceted military modernization, one of the most closely watched programs has been China’s slow, but steady march toward developing an effective class of ballistic missile submarines (SSBN). Consistent with Chinese nuclear doctrine and defense white papers, Chinese...
    Very few are actually reading what is going on in Turkey & what is ahead. Similarly, few of us know that Turkey is a Secular Democracy. The country's very foundations and constitution as conceived by Kamal Ata Turk (Turkey's Founding Father), are laid on Secularism. To my judgement, being on the...
    The strategy of brain washing masses by launching psychological operations (also called 'military support information operations') on developing or under-developed nations and the fragmented segments of societies therein to enhance global empire ambitions has proved a failure. How it is possible...
    Britons voted on Thursday to leave the European Union. The Leave side led with 17.4 million votes, or 52 percent, versus the Remain side’s 16.1 million, or 48 percent, with a turnout of around 72 percent. Personal Comment: Never seen such a beautiful and complex map in life; A map that is going...
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