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Why is the Crimean peninsula part of Ukraine? How come Russia has military presence there? Here is a short guide for the perplexed.

Russia takes over Ukraine's Crimea region
Obama warns Russia: There will be costs to any military intervention in the Ukraine
Crimea crisis: Ukraine-Russia tensions in photos
Ukraine's Crimea falls to Putin, without a shot fired
Putin to Obama: Russia reserves right to protect its interests in Ukraine
'Death to Jews’ sprayed on Crimea synagogue
Kerry threatens sanctions if Putin doesn't reverse 'incredible act of aggression' in Crimea
Standoff at Sevastopol: Eyewitness account of the opening shots in the Second Crimea War?
Ukraine's Crimea seeks to become independent state
Five conclusions from 10 days of non-war Crimea
Diplomats: UN Security Council discussing Ukraine resolution
Merkel: Russia risks huge consequences in Ukraine
Russian propaganda war in full swing over Ukraine
Russia vetoes UN resolution against Crimea referendum
The Crimea referendum, four possible scenarios
Crimea parliament declares independence, applies to join Russia
Putin signs treaty making Crimea, Sevastopol part of Russia
Ukrainian soldier killed in Crimea base; PM says conflict is now military
Obama urges Russia to pull back troops from Ukraine border
UN will treat Crimea as part of Ukraine, not Russia, Western diplomats say
Pro-Russian activists declare Ukraine's Donetsk an independent republic
U.S. warns Russia: Escalation in Ukraine could trigger tougher sanctions
WATCH: Ukraine lawmakers brawl in parliament
Russia dismisses 'groundless' claims it is planning Ukraine invasion
Lavrov: NATO forces in eastern Europe would violate agreements
Crimea's parliament adopts pro-Russia constitution
Russia still equipping Ukraine rebels, says NATO chief
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