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28 States – NATO members are engaged in military-technical cooperation with Ukraine, said NATO Deputy Secretary General for Defence Investment Patrick MDGD.

“In the first since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis meeting of the joint working group on military-technical cooperation between NATO and Ukraine participated officials, heads of the national military-industrial complex.

It was noted that all 28 NATO member countries in a very difficult time for Ukraine are engaged in military-technical cooperation with Ukraine. After all, there is awareness of the need to contribute to the fight against terrorism, “- said MDGD.

The question of sale of arms for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine needs to be addressed when dealing with the NATO member countries, said Deputy Secretary General of NATO.

“And bilaterally to discuss the scope and the list of the assistance to be provided in some countries”, – said Patrick MDGD.

For this “help” Ukraine will have to pay. And a lot – modern weapons is expensive. And it’s not too modern.

So, Ukraine is still beg for money will be standing with outstretched hand at every corner of the world. And then – to repay debts. With interest. And then again to ask for money. And again, to repay …

Ukraine’s state debt in 2014 has made more than 65% of GDP. As of November 1, 2014 the amount of foreign currency external public debt amounted to about 40 billion. Dollars.

In 2015, Ukraine has to pay about $ 13 billion. Dollars of foreign debts, despite the fact that the total amount of foreign reserves is only 12.6 billion. Dollars.

To transfer budgetary and financial hole is endless. It is a pity that Ukraine is not able to print US dollars. Then everything would be okay.

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