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Since the end of WW-II, world was never managed so poorly as we see today. One hoped, after the introduction of New World Order, at the end of Cold War, that world is going to be a better place to live. But in the succeeding years we witnessed parts of the globe were destabilized in the name of bringing democracy and peace. New techniques were introduced for intervention like regime change, use of non-state actors and sanctions of various kinds. But we saw instead of achieving peace, that was apparent objective of using these strategies, every country went into devastating and unending state of chain reactions due to this drama. So, what we conclude after 2-3 decades, is that Uni-polarity of the world is instilling chaos, misery and hopelessness instead of what peoples of the world might have expected or dreamed of. Than ever before, there is a need that the world order must get Bi-polar or Multi-polar in order to keep check on unprecedented unilateral actions by the sole super power. The devastation created in the very name of bringing Democracy, Peace and Human Rights in various parts of Europe, ME, Africa and Asia has to stop for the good of the life on this planet.

Although it is nature’s course of action; one power or empire has never existed or endured forever. Aspiring world powers have to come up and challenge the status quo. It is better to check interventionist strategies of US & NATO under the umbrella of UN before it is late. If these emerging and rising world powers take too long to look into the eyes of the devil it would damage more humans on earth.

Downing of US Spy Plane by China and Crashing of Egyptian Airliner in the Mediterranean is not merely a coincidence. It was so shameful for the super-power that they had to take lives of dozens of innocent people immediately to divert attention of the world using powerful international media. Someone has to come up and challenge these unilateral steps instead of waiting and waiting.

By: Saeed Muhammad

May 19, 2016

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