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Thoughts on Failed Coup Attempt in Turkey

Very few are actually reading what is going on in Turkey & what is ahead. Similarly, few of us know that Turkey is a Secular Democracy. The country's very foundations and constitution as conceived by Kamal Ata Turk (Turkey's Founding Father), are laid on Secularism. To my judgement, being on the border of Europe, Secularism was rightly conceived as basis of the constitution of the country by Kamal Ata Turk and that will always be its 'Center of Gravity'. Erdogan, alongside some economic development and the resulting fame in the country, has tried to shift 'Center of Gravity' of this country. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan although quite famous among Pakistani people and some quarters of other Islamic World has in fact divided and polarized Turkey dangerously by bringing Islamist Movement.
Erdogan is now turning Turkey into Pakistan of 80s, a Pakistan of Zia era, which we are trying to reverse here. But situation of Turkey would be very complicated and fragile in the coming years, it could turn even worse than what we saw in Pakistan. There is no comparison b/w Pakistan & Turkey other than this.
Western world would always support Secular Tendencies in Turkey, and there is no harm in having secular constitution alongside large Muslim population. But if Islamist tendencies are fueled then they would play with centrifugal forces for their obvious interests. It was due to this increasing Islamization that Turkey started moving away from Secular foundations that took them away from becoming member of the EU many years back. The changes and reforms EU wanted to implement couldn't be done by Turkish Governments.

Note: Scenes captured from this episode are not much different from a mind set we usually see of Iraq & Syria.

By: Saeed Muhammad

19 Jul 2016

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