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Thoughts in the aftermath of Brexit and the fragile security situation of the Europe

The strategy of brain washing masses by launching psychological operations (also called 'military support information operations') on developing or under-developed nations and the fragmented segments of societies therein to enhance global empire ambitions has proved a failure.

How it is possible that damage will not occur in the west from the machines being prepared in the east.

We should remember, this strategy has back fired many times in the past, it will fail again---unless a reconciliation and positive engagement policy is not adopted by the west. Due to the application of such destructive strategies countries have become more divided. And we are seeing that every day, now. Crime rate, terrorism have infested each part of this world; today no country is safe. World has become more fragmented and polarized than 20 years back it was.

I feel, world has become more insecure than it ever was....!


By: Saeed Muhammad

16 Jul 2016

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