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Destabilization of The Middle East & Policy Guidelines for Pakistan

Situation in Middle East has changed dramatically in last one year. Unfolding of events in Middle East is little earlier than expected. Pakistan's possible decision to send its Armed Forces to defend Sacred Land (KSA) shouldn't be a news, its natural. I knew destabilization of Yemen and its definite fallout on the neighboring region (KSA) since 2010. But the developments have been so fluid that even the Saudis have been taken by surprise.
Pakistan will have to carefully define & differentiate between the King, the Kingdom & the Holy Places before pledging any military assistance to KSA and assigning any role to its Armed Forces.
Policy Guidelines:
Some very important questions need to be answered, for example:-
1. If the conflict in Yemen prolongs (which it definitely will, owing to its timing & chronology of Arab Spring) and spills over into neighboring Oman and/or KSA?
2. Is Pakistan really interested to keep its troops embroiled in this conflict, which has all the ramifications to knock on its own doors?
3. Is Pakistan able to fight its own War on Terror with this thinning-out while keeping enough conventional forces intact for the Eastern Adversary?
4. What would be the consequences for taking sides in the face of changing Middle East & emerging Iranian role?
5. How the completion of Gwadar-Kashgar economic corridor fits into this Time-line?
6. Possible polarization within Pakistani society because of obvious reasons?
7. Human & Economic cost of this participation and resulting impact on future development?
By Saeed Muhammad
Published on 9 April 2015
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